Alexandra Leyre Mein

Alexandra Leyre Mein
The edge of obliquity
Whitehouse Gym
Nov 11, 2018 - Dec 16, 2018
Vernissage November 11, 4 - 7 PM
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The edge of obliquity

obliq·ui·ty | \ ō-ˈbli-kwə-tē , ə- \
1: deviation from moral rectitude or sound thinking

3a: indirectness or deliberate obscurity of speech or conduct
(Merriam-Webster dictionary)

While pondering the meaning of Obliquity you once again came wandering through my thoughts. More than a century ago you walked this earth. In the meantime, you have gone to dust but your memory remains. Were you removed from the scene because you were bothersome, because you did not fit into the straitjacket deemed acceptable by society? Were you reduced to a mere idea, a woman who created images and influenced men? Did your innocence bother, was it too confrontational in its honesty, was it therefore labelled as madness? Your life, like so many others, was coerced into what was called normal or acceptable.
You also observed Clotho and her two sisters abiding their time to play their role. Prosperity and peace flourished but in an instant, it was all gone, disappeared, swallowed up in the clods of the earth. Looking at the clouds floating past, I wonder: are we on the verge of yet another repetition of this perpetual dance?
Are we silent onlookers of a recurring, devastating whirlwind? Facts are pushed aside and a destructive force sweeps everything within its reach, by manipulating ignorance into fear.
But in the meantime, the drifting clouds are passing by and I can hear you whispering that this tide will also pass. Only the trees and stones will remember, we might just get swept up into another dance to come.